The complete form of FRP is glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is a composite material consisting of a fiber-reinforced polymer matrix. Thus, FRP pipe is a pipe manufactured from FRP material by contact molding or fiber winding methods. Various types of resins, such as thermosetting polyesters, epoxy resins, phenolic resins…

FRP is a very beneficial building material. Many industries turn to FRP products once they realize the long-term financial savings.

How is FRP made?

FRP is a composite material that consists of a thermosetting resin matrix reinforced with fibers. In the early days of FRP, there were even some reinforcements made from paper, asbestos…

FRP grating is a type of industrial floor widely used in various industries. Usually it is found in sidewalks and elevated platforms.

The FRP grating is very durable, non-corrosive, and doesn’t conduct electricity, which usually makes it a safer alternative to other flooring materials used in harsh and high-risk environments.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pipes are used in various industrial product applications, including the handling of materials in corrosive environments and also the transfer of corrosive products and materials. However, the fastest growing application of FRP systems is for industrial equipment. …

yan zhongwei

Yongchang FRP tank manufacturing has flexible design and strong manufacturability, and can be used in different industries.

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